Private art museums – those that are privately funded – have been opening globally at an unprecedented pace in the last 20 years. Collectors often invest decades and vast sums to acquire artwork, often with a special focus or nationality.  Rather than donate to a museum that might exhibit some of the work some of the time,  many are now opting to build unique museums to keep their collections intact and share it with the public.  

Huge public museums like the MOMA and the Louvre, as wonderful as they are, often become overtaken by hordes of camera-wielding tourists…and magnificent collections can be overwhelming in their scope and variety.  

Private museums, like the recently opened $200 million Glenstone in Potomac, Maryland display artwork selectively, like the lone Martin Puryear sculpture in one huge room, and they limit the number of people who can walk through the galleries at any time….encouraging the slow art movement. 

Another specialized museum , the single-artist museum,  continues the historic tradition of European artist studios,  where the evolution of a lifetime career of one artist is paramount, offering a place for quiet contemplation and study….this was the inspiration for establishing MUSEOBENINI in 2015, now with 6500 sq. ft. galleries offering the possibility to witness the evolution of Benini’s paintings and three-dimensional works since the 1960’s,  plus a fine arts library and an outdoor sculpture trail.  

MUSEOBENINI welcomes everyone. Work is underway daily onsite so appointments are necessary. School and art tours are accommodated with ample parking.  Admission is free of charge.

MUSEOBENINI on a winter morning....

MUSEOBENINI on a winter morning....